Leadership as a relationship....

Among the thousands of books written on the meaning of leadership, there is grudging agreement that leadership is a process of influence between leaders and followers. What distinguishes leadership from other forms of influence is that the leader draws on some form of authority, power, or control. This does not mean that the only people who can lead must be in high-level jobs or political posts, nor that leadership is a position or role. Leadership is a relationship, in which leaders inspire or mobilise others to extend their capacity to imagine, think and act in positive new ways. We are all leaders....from single mother of two, to CEO of many.....

Monday, June 20, 2011

Live Acoustics and Slam Poetry to benefit Brookline Cultural Trust--Come support!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Got Passion in my heart---

A few months ago I was asked to write an intro for a grant for The Pittsburgh Passion Women's Full Contact football team, whom I also play for. The grant was to help alleviate some of the field cost and travel cost. I really like the story of it...and thought I would share ;)

A five year old girl sits on a swing telling her mother to “push me higher mommy, push me higher”. As her Mom pushes her she ask, “honey, what do you want to be when you grow up”? The little girl says “a football player Mommy, a football player”. Little girls around the United States are giving different answers these days than doctors or astronauts, and it’s all because of women who are reaching beyond boundaries and daring to do different. What women have done once before is no longer enough, we are being asked to dare to do differently as we strive forward into women’s arena that has long been awaiting a greater look.
The Pittsburgh Passion has been doing different since there beginning in 2002, which has lead them to now being the most widely recognized women’s full-contact football franchise in the world. The journey was never an easy one, but a team rooted in compassion and service, linked together as they practiced under bridges in the snow using car headlights to light up the night, which later on aided them as they went on to win the 2007 National Championship, be the first women’s football team featured in Sports Illustrated and aired live on ESPN3. But those highlights don’t take away from the passion that each player carries as a member of this football team. From the very beginning, the Passion organizational mission has been to teach life lessons through sport. In 2010, we chartered the Passion For Life Foundation 501(c)(3) to further extend our abilities to make a positive difference in the lives of others. We believe in utilizing our passions in life for the betterment and greater good of others. We are committed to serving as positive role models to foster the development of dreams and proudly attend over 250 charitable community events per year.
As a team, we come from all different lifeworlds, from single Moms, to teachers; we sacrifice countless hours coming together as a family to share our own dream. We receive no paycheck, no sweet deals, no fancy rides, but what we do receive is a sense of pride as we come together to push women’s football forward. Each player has a financial responsibility to obtain sponsorships to help cover operational cost. While some players get sponsorships from businesses, others are left rallying together supportive family and friends to help cover their share. We sacrifice overtime hours, part-time jobs, and time with our families to share this dream. We pay for our own accommodations, food, and travel. By receiving this grant we will be able to better support our travel cost and alleviate some of the financial obligation that each player is required. The supplement provided for training will also help to offset the operational cost of field and practice time, again assisting the player with lessening their financial share and also allowing the team to free up other money to continue to give back to the community and to push women’s football forward into the future. This opportunity will assist us as we as a team “dare to different” in the world of women’s sports. Please consider us for your opportunity and if you have any other questions-feel free to contact us or visit our website at www.pittsburghpassion.com

Revitalization often comes with a good cup o' joe...

I apologize for my lack of "keeping up to date". Maybe football, Ph.D. Camp, and work have to do something with it.

Anyways. Nathan Mallory of Cannon Coffee, Kevin Acklin of Renew Pittsburgh and I have been working on some new projects that have recently turned into its own nonprofit.

So if your boots are buried deep in this steel city (Like mine) and your bleeding heart loves giving back (and coffee)...be sure to check it out.


Your friends at Project Coffeehouse...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

How Master's work in Professional Leadership can prepare you for Doctoral Study...

A brief interview through Carlow's Professional Leadership Program...


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Heroes get remembered, Leaders never Die....

I wrote this a few months ago....I was planning to send it to a local paper or online journal but never got the chance to tidy it up.....So here it is....Uncut and Real.

Heroes get remembered---- Leaders never die

A few months ago I spent the night in a local hospital following a surgery. As they wheeled me into my room I met my roommate Euffer Bradford. Euffer was a delicate soul, kind in her words and gentle in her stories. Euffer however, had Alzheimer’s. Though she told us stories of her own that made our smiles reach over and touch hers, a few minutes later, her mind took a shorter route and forgot her stories, emotions, and her words. The next day Euffer was taken to the operating room for a minor surgery on her arm. A few hours later I noticed a nurse cleaning up Euffer’s bed and packing up her belongings. I asked the nurse if Ms. Bradford would be switching rooms. She stated “she actually passed away on the operating table and has no family or friends so I am collecting her things”. The feelings that overtook my mind could never be explained in words. I was the last person to share a smile, a laugh, and words with a woman who had such a powerful spirit that embraced life and people. I was the last one that would ever hear her stories, and then I began to wonder---how many other stories go untold? Over the next few days I religiously viewed the paper to find nothing, not even a one line obituary about Ms. Bradford. I was saddened that she was lost among the day, and just a number of the past. While I was in the hospital my Mother and I had written her name on a note card so that we could remember her in our thoughts and prayers that night. That note card now hangs on my refrigerator and when I walk past I remember, the struggles of Euffer in her fight with her memory, in her struggles of no family, and how she was a leader of her own kind inspiring others in her own way. For Euffer had inspired me---to tell others stories when they go unspoken. This is for you Ms. Euffer Bradford, may no story ever be untold.

A Story to be told-----------
Dr. Delorese Ambrose, a Pittsburgh native, and author of The Journey Inward passed away in December. Delorese lost a a two year battle to breast cancer. I would have written sooner but the news did not travel fast---as the 5 line obituary in an Atlanta paper was all I could round up in using 4 different keywords in my Google search. This woman was one step more than amazing, she was a woman with many stories that inspired Larry at the local barber shop, Joe at a Fortune 500 company, and even this smalltime gal in Pittsburgh. In her book the Journey Inward Delorese dissects the heart of the person, their journey into their own life, and how we must take what we are given and lead from where we are-no matter what class we stand in, what industry we work in, or what culture we came from. She sees leaders for who they are, from the struggling single mom of two, to the CEO of a bustling technology company, we all are amongst leaders. She holds a Doctor of Education degree from Columbia University and has authored two books: Leadership: The Journey Inward, and Healing the Downsized Organization. A dynamic motivational speaker, Delorese was named one of the City's 25 Most Powerful Women by Pittsburgh Magazine in 1995, and has been profiled in other industry and media publications, including Black Enterprise Magazine, the Pittsburgh Business Times and CNN Financial News. Among her many honors are the 1994 Athena Award for "women who attain and personify the highest level of professional excellence," and the 1993 ASTD Human Resources Development Excellence Award (International Professional Speakers Bureau, 2009). The Journey Inward touched many lives of those looking for a meaning or chance to lead in their own way. I am thankful that Carlow University’s Masters in Professional Leadership program required me to read this book; for I never imagined the effects it would have on me today. This requirement has now become a tool that I carry with me wherever I may go-home, school, work, and community. I suggest that you read it too, for your journey will remain forever touched, and those detours you have been traveling along will all fall into place. Though we have lost a friend, author, mentor, and a great contribution to this world, the Journey lives on. It lived in Delorese…It lived in Euffer, and it lives in me.

Leadership is tied to conviction. Leaders have a vision of a better future, they feel strongly about the need to go there.
Dr. Delorese Ambrose

Yours in change,

Tera McIntosh
Antioch University
Ph.D. In Leadership and Change

Friday, April 2, 2010

Everyday Racism....

I am in a Ph.D. program at Antioch University in Leadership and Change. It is by no suprise that we often talk about racism.....or as many of us know it----everyday racism.

Don't know what everyday racism is? Well now is a good time to find out....

I failed Geometry in High School....

This is for my personal world, my educational universe, and my life's teams.

May they all connect.....may they all close my triangle.

A knows B and A knows C. B and C do not know each other. A--B and A--C form 2 legs of a triangle, but it is an open triangle because the third leg is not in place. When A introduces B to C the last side of the triangle is complete and we have a closed triangle -- everyone knows everyone else. A--B B--C C--AA complete loop.........